As a horsewoman, coach and poet, I work with the energy that is present to see what wants to emerge next.  My horses help me and some of my clients discover more about how our intention shapes our body and with that the quality of our dialogues.  As a poet I listen for the meaning below the sentences and discover the poetry in the voices of the people in the room. 

For over 15 years I have worked in and with large international organisations on leadership development and change. This work tends to take the form of facilitating dialogues, dialogues between different persons in a team, different parts of an organisation or different parts of a person.

In my work as a still moving consultant I co-create spaces where people can show up fully, find what they don’t know they know and (re)discover what inspires them.  Spaces where people can feel, think and listen to their own voice and the field around them, making meaning of patterns which may so far have been unconscious. This isn’t always an easy process, at times we may feel lost, and it is through being lost that we can refind ourselves and our way.