Leading change in today’s world is a complex, on-going and demanding task – a core competence now of any leader. Our goal at Still Moving is to enable leaders to lead change in more effortless ways. And, guess what, it takes effort to become more effort-less!

There are five big questions for successful change:

  1. Are we using the best approach for the type of change we need to make?
  2. Are my leaders ready to lead this change?
  3. Is our organization ready for this change?
  4. Am I ready to lead this change?
  5. Where should I focus to reduce my risk and increase my chances of success?

Still Moving’s Change Vitality IndexTM  gives a holistic diagnosis of the factors crucial for success.

We use the Organistaion Change Vitality Index (OCVI) and a Personal Change Vitality Index (PCVI) to help achieve successful change.

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The PCVI tool is a leadership assessment based on research findings about the four key Factors that are correlated to the successful leadership of large complex change. In combination, these four Factors contribute to what we call Change VitalityTM – the capacity of your organisation to anticipate and execute ongoing change and innovation.

On completion of the PCVI questionnaire, the PCVI individual Report presents your personal scores on the PCVI tool, grouped into these four Factors:

1. Your Inner Capacities (a leader’s quality of ‘being’),

2. Your External Practices (a leader’s quality of ‘doing’),

3. Change Approaches (the overall way in which you implement change)

4. Organising Forces (how you attend to the overall systemic health of your organisation)

In the PCVI Individual Report document you will find: your personal scores for all elements within these four Factors with brief explanations of each of the elements; reflection questions to help you process your results; a summary table of all your PCVI results and your top and lowest 10 scored individual items from the PCVI questionnaire.



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Your scores are expressed as a % on each dimension. And this represents how you are rated against the total potential score for that dimension. Any score above 70% indicates this is a strong feature of your leadership. Any score beneath 40% indicates this is a potential area for your leadership attention.



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The second document you receive will be the PCVI Field Guide. In this more comprehensive document there are in-depth explanations of each of the Change VitalityTM dimensions, why they are so important in being able to lead change well, a guide to the interpretation of your scores, and developmental tips on how to cultivate each dimension. The PCVI Field Guide helps to deepen your interpretation of your scores and consider what you might wish to do with the findings.


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Summing up bit….

The Change Vitality IndexTM shows you how effective you are and how you can bring about successful more effort-less change…. enjoy this journey of leadership exploration!