I am currently working as an academic in Southampton University business School and focus on researching and teaching in the areas of Leadership, Change and the impact of individual differences and personalities on the way in which leaders behave. Having moved into academia from a career in business and consulting I am passionate about working on real world challenges and using rigorous research to understand these and produce insights that have practical relevance. It is through this route that I am drawn to working with Still Moving – we share a belief in underpinning our practice with research based insights and that these can help leaders and organisations to deal with the challenges faced in today’s complex environment.

In the course of my work I have increasingly recognised the significance of understanding the impact of complexity when exploring behaviour at work. This leads me to a recognition that we are not going to find any “silver bullets” or template solutions to the “wicked problems” that leaders face. It is important that we use what we know to make sense of the system that we are working in and our place in that system. This is an exciting area for our work and I continue to support Still Moving and their clients in developing our understanding and practice in a way that has a practical impact.