Four inner capacities form the being of Still Moving leadership.


Acknowledging the whole – integrating all that arises, also difficulty and disturbance as something that has a place.

Curious and intentional responding – slowing down the period between what happens and how you respond, so you can stay approach oriented, true to your intention, and curious.

Tuning into the system – perceiving reality accurately, reading the signs of the (emotional) climate around you.

Staying present – noticing what is here, now, for yourself and others.



Four outer practices are the doing of Still Moving Leadership, and they balance disruption and stability.


Attractor – creates a pull towards purpose, a magnetic energy, because meaning matters.

Edge and Tension – amplifies disturbance, by naming reality and confronting tough issues, because truth is a turn on.

Container – channels disturbance and anxiety into purposeful energy, because safety strengthens.

Transforming Space – takes opportunities to shift thinking and action in the moment, because we only have now.



The good news is, you can learn these things:

Learn here how

And while getting skilled at these practices takes effort, leading change then becomes more effortless.

A client we recently worked with on developing Still Moving Leadership was complemented by their bank for an unprecedented climate of collaboration, trust and truth when going through a split and subsequent IPO. The client felt they could not have done this work in the very short timeframe of 8 months, if it had not been for their previous effort in developing Still Moving Leadership. We felt a little proud, and grateful for having contributed.


"What makes a successful change agent in a world of exponential change? I have long argued that learning to live with ambiguity will be the key to success. Still Moving will show you how"

Paul Polman, CEO Unilever