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Darius has over 25 years’ experience working in high pressure, high performance environments; from his time as a Junior International Rower for Great Britain, being selected for an elite promotion scheme in the British Army to risking everything to build a business from nothing in the field of recruitment and talent development.

For the last ten years he has been supporting leaders and their teams to work powerfully in change by helping them get more accurate, insightful and empowering  views about reality. Darius is highly skilled at working with stillness and emergence. He is a Master Facilitator with the NeuroLeadership Institute and trains coaches in Brain Based Coaching techniques.

Darius coaches CEOs, senior leaders and Business Owners. He loves working with people to find new ways of thinking and seeing the situations they are facing, so that they can transform themselves and what’s possible for them.

Alongside this Darius co-founded and ran the Spring Project, a non-profit which trained over 5,000 young people in ‘radical employability’ - the ability to create extraordinary value with integrity.

Darius has worked in 20 different countries, is a black belt in Aikido and has over 10 years of meditation practice. He read Pure Maths at Warwick University and has been a guest lecturer at leading Business schools.