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We are a loosely coupled tribe of people who are tightly committed to making change different. Because we believe that when you attend to the being of leading change, the doing of leading change becomes more effortless, and more impactful.

Some of us go way back, some of us have just met. All of us are committed to our work of helping you lead differently, and to practising what we preach. We care about practice based research, and all of us have personally implemented major change in multinational organisations across the globe.

We are committed to building your own internal capability to implement change well – we don’t take over. We will help you get to the root cause of what might be holding your change back, and recommend the fewest interventions that will most move your organisation forward. 

The tribe has been brought together by Deborah Rowland, a globally recognised change consultant, speaker and author of Still Moving - How to Lead Mindful Change, and Sustaining Change – Leadership that works (co-authored with Malcolm Higgs).


I bring what I believe is a helpful combination of practical experience, original insight and ground-breaking research to the leadership of change. I have personally led change in global organisations such as BBC Worldwide, Gucci Group, PepsiCo and Shell. Across my consulting career I have pioneered two major inquiries into leading change sustainably, which have been extensively published and whose insights inform the reality of organisational transformation around the world. I enjoy spreading these insights about how to lead large complex change by speaking, teaching, and writing in the field. I have authored Still Moving: How to Lead Mindful Change (Wiley, 2017) and co-authored with Professor Malcolm Higgs Sustaining Change: Leadership That Works (Wiley, 2008). The story of my latest book Still Moving now inspires the Still Moving change consulting practice where I act as a change coach, or, “Sherpa”, to CEOs and major institutional leaders in all walks of life.

I tend to my own inner source via regular yoga, meditation, art gazing, painting and walks in nature, in particular along the spectacular coastal paths of Southern Cornwall.


Throughout my life, words, language and stories have been the thread that connected my different life experiences: listening to the old stories of sage old people, creating my own stories to build a personal identity, (re-)telling stories to the people in organisations I worked in and with to help them make sense of their experiences and identify patterns so far unnoticed and most importantly help them connect to themselves and each other in discovering the stories they have to tell.

The inspiration, sometimes liberation that comes from people discovering the right words to share their true experience with each other always is a moment of utter fascination for me and holds wonderful potential for new developments.  Supporting this process by carefully noticing what is said and what remains unsaid, at times playing it back to the individuals involved and allowing the struggle that sometimes is needed before the right words fall into place is one of the key elements of my work. As a founding member of Still Moving partnership, I have seen how Still Moving Leadership can access the well of energy, knowledge and spirit that is in those stories – if time and effort is devoted to listening and creating them. In my work with clients, my aspiration is to accompany them individually, as teams and organisations on their journey towards the words and stories that can help them connect on a very fundamental, human level and unleash the strength to move through difficult transitions. Clients say they feel safe in the conditions I create so that they feel able to connect to themselves and others more deeply than they would have thought possible; they say I keep them on the path to new realities gently but firmly; and offering them words and stories to test I open new spaces for understanding the patterns that lie underneath their experiences so that they can address the source of an issue.

Anjet van linge

I am a sculptor and a consultant. As a sculptor, I work mainly with stone, taking away to create space and noticing what needs to stay. Often born in response to some life question, my stones invite stillness and reflection. They explore where space and boundary meet each other.  

I work in the tradition of ancient stonemasons, using mainly hammer and chisel, attentive to the material, its touch and sound. Recently I have started using the chips that are often discarded as waste once the sculpture is done. I draw attention to these tiny pieces of what was once a mountain and before that a sea. What can we notice when we look closely? What is whole? This spirit of noticing and craftsmanship also guide my organizational work.

For over 20 years I have worked in and with international organizations, helping leaders and their teams navigate complex transitions. As a founding member of the Still Moving partnership, I help my clients to develop their capacity for conscious leadership: what is here now? why am I here now? why are we here now? Clients say I make space to help them be still, so they can reflect on what is, and what choices to make; they say I help them deepen their understanding of themselves and others, so they can build connections throughout the organisation and beyond; I work systemically, seeking to understand how a system produces its outcomes, so we can find levers that bring about change.


By nature I'm inclined towards making connections and looking for patterns and that leaves me with a sense of wonder about systems, and how they function. I became very interested in complexity theory and chaos in the 90s which gave a much more fascinating explanation about how life works than my original science degree. Then a decade later I came across systemic constellations applied in organisations which draws on family systems. This was a soul level discovery. There's much to learn I believe from the separate fields of family, organisational, and natural systems - and even to combine all these ways of knowing together in the leadership of change. I've had the privilege to work as a change agent in a wide range of contexts. From joining up services in the public sector working with senior leaders in Wales, to facilitating school pupils to take leadership and change how their school food system works for better health outcomes, to supporting leaders and their teams in complex change projects across a range of sectors: energy, logistics, retail, defence, luxury goods. 

Most recently I have set up a UK wide voluntary network focused around regeneration of public green spaces and learning. All the models, practices and frameworks I've been working with as coach and consultant I'm now having to put into practice as a formal leader. Exciting...and a little daunting!

Helen Bellis

I specialise in building individual, team and organisational capability through practical strategies which drive collaboration, engagement and performance. 

A passionate interest in others, deep curiosity and an enthusiasm for collaborative learning have connected my life’s experiences.  Through living and working in Russia and Japan I gained an appreciation of how difference prompts positive change.  This has been extended by over 20 years working in a global manufacturing environment in the fields of marketing, communications and HR in both operational and corporate roles, specifically across engagement, employee relations and organisation development.  

Alongside process facilitation on senior leadership programmes, I am a practitioner in various psychometric tools including MBTI and Facet Five, accredited in Occupational Testing from the British Psychological Society, and have designed and delivered tailored 360° processes for individual and team interventions. 

I bring a commercial and pragmatic edge to my work from this experience and use a strong focus on engagement at multiple organisational levels combined with the right tools to drive insight and success in change leadership. Clients tell me I make purposeful interventions driven by their context enabling them to take natural ownership of their development to sustain change.  

As a founding member of the Still Moving partnership, the Still Moving framework has resonated with me for the new perspectives it offers on engagement and leadership, and on how leaders can question, challenge, explore and understand to bring about successful change collectively. 

Michael Chaskalson 

Michael is one of the pioneers of the application of mindfulness in leadership and in the workplace.  He is the author of the agenda-setting book The Mindful Workplace (Wiley, 2011) and the bestselling Mindfulness in Eight Weeks (Harper Thorsons, 2014). Based on his 40 years of personal practice of mindfulness and related disciplines, Michael now shares his insights and research with audiences worldwide as a keynote speaker, coach, consultant, and teacher. He works with global corporations and public sector organisations, as well as individuals, so that they better understand mindful leadership practices.

Michael has also been a successful social entrepreneur, founding a fair trade company that came to have annual sales of £10 million and 200 employees. He is founder and CEO of Mindfulness Works and a Professor of Practice at Ashridge Business School. He is based in Cambridge, UK.

Malcolm Higgs

I am currently working as an academic in Southampton University business School and focus on researching and teaching in the areas of Leadership, Change and the impact of individual differences and personalities on the way in which leaders behave. Having moved into academia from a career in business and consulting I am passionate about working on real world challenges and using rigorous research to understand these and produce insights that have practical relevance. It is through this route that I am drawn to working with Still Moving – we share a belief in underpinning our practice with research based insights and that these can help leaders and organisations to deal with the challenges faced in today’s complex environment.

In the course of my work I have increasingly recognised the significance of understanding the impact of complexity when exploring behaviour at work. This leads me to a recognition that we are not going to find any “silver bullets” or template solutions to the “wicked problems” that leaders face. It is important that we use what we know to make sense of the system that we are working in and our place in that system. This is an exciting area for our work and I continue to support Still Moving and their clients in developing our understanding and practice in a way that has a practical impact.


As a horsewoman, coach and poet, I work with the energy that is present to see what wants to emerge next.  My horses help me and some of my clients discover more about how our intention shapes our body and with that the quality of our dialogues.  As a poet I listen for the meaning below the sentences and discover the poetry in the voices of the people in the room. 

For over 15 years I have worked in and with large international organisations on leadership development and change. This work tends to take the form of facilitating dialogues, dialogues between different persons in a team, different parts of an organisation or different parts of a person.

In my work as a still moving consultant I co-create spaces where people can show up fully, find what they don’t know they know and (re)discover what inspires them.  Spaces where people can feel, think and listen to their own voice and the field around them, making meaning of patterns which may so far have been unconscious. This isn’t always an easy process, at times we may feel lost, and it is through being lost that we can refind ourselves and our way.

Peter Stoppelenburg

To transform your organisation, your team or yourself as a leader is one of the hardest things to do as you need to find a new purpose and a new identity. To achieve a transformation leaders have the complex task to combine the business challenges, change capabilities and their leadership effectiveness. 

I bring vast business experience as I have worked for two decades in senior finance positions and general management positions (FMC Technologies and Essent). This gives me the ability to step in the shoes of the client, understand the leadership dilemma's and support and deal with issues effectively.

I bring practical change experience as I led large transformations effectively for multinational organizations (Essent and RWE). I bring experience in leadership coaching to senior executives and building high performance leadership teams. In my consulting practice I generally work in large global companies seeking to foster cultures of co-operation, innovation and operational agility with the ultimate objective to improve results and become a high performance organisation.

I have authored High Performance 3.0 (2011) and High Performance, why do you chose to be average ? (2017). I have worked all around the globe for international organizations and lived in Belgium, the United States, Norway and Germany.  I bring in a global context and on-the-ground experience leading multinational teams. Currently I live in the Netherlands enjoying to spend time with my wife and three kids.


Phil Hadridge

I support leaders and groups working to achieve their ambitions, both locally to my home in Cambridge and internationally across all continents. I deliberately work across a range of businesses for the broad perspective that clients find helpful when stuck in their own sector mind-sets.  I design and host large meetings for energy and results. I enjoy developing boards and other leadership teams for their unique role.

I focus on developing strong partnerships working for ethical fashion, wildlife conservation, education progress and health care improvement, amongst others. I enjoy the mix of organisation types including development charities, government ministries, public schools, fashion houses and health service bodies. I teach how to harness the unique potential - whilst overcoming the unexpected problems - of what I term noble purpose organisations.



Michael Thorley is a thoughtful, insightful, compassionate organisational consultant and mindful runner.

For over 25 years he has worked with others to help generate and deepen understanding to generate sustainable systemic change. He combines his curiosity, experience, and skill with humility to lead inquiry into the bigger questions that create space for movement. Clients say that he is able to encourage and support  others to move intentionally to the edge of their experience. He helps build individual and collective capability and responsibility to create different perspectives. From this new perspective new and different choices become available.
He combines his personal beliefs and experience with qualifications in accountancy, therapy, systemic coaching and coach supervision to create conditions for change.

Michael has a particular interest in mental health and emotional well being.  He is actively involved with England Athletics promoting and organising Mindful Running.  Michael lives in Cheshire, UK.

Katie Jones

I live and work in France.  My passion is being able to enjoy the outdoor space alongside my working life.  I have two teenage boys, which means I am now able to enjoy more of my personal space.

For my working life, I enjoy being a key, central part of the business, ensuring that the business runs smoothly on a daily basis.  I am responsive and I take a huge amount of personal responsibility in ensuring that things get done as quickly and efficiently as possible.



"Stillness is what creates love, Movement is what creates life, To be still, Yet still moving – That is everything!"

Do Hyun Choe, Japanese Master