By nature I'm inclined towards making connections and looking for patterns and that leaves me with a sense of wonder about systems, and how they function. I became very interested in complexity theory and chaos in the 90s which gave a much more fascinating explanation about how life works than my original science degree. Then a decade later I came across systemic constellations applied in organisations which draws on family systems. This was a soul level discovery. There's much to learn I believe from the separate fields of family, organisational, and natural systems - and even to combine all these ways of knowing together in the leadership of change. I've had the privilege to work as a change agent in a wide range of contexts. From joining up services in the public sector working with senior leaders in Wales, to facilitating school pupils to take leadership and change how their school food system works for better health outcomes, to supporting leaders and their teams in complex change projects across a range of sectors: energy, logistics, retail, defence, luxury goods. 

Most recently I have set up a UK wide voluntary network focused around regeneration of public green spaces and learning. All the models, practices and frameworks I've been working with as coach and consultant I'm now having to put into practice as a formal leader. Exciting...and a little daunting!