Throughout my life, words, language and stories have been the thread that connected my different life experiences: listening to the old stories of sage old people, creating my own stories to build a personal identity, (re-)telling stories to the people in organisations I worked in and with to help them make sense of their experiences and identify patterns so far unnoticed and most importantly help them connect to themselves and each other in discovering the stories they have to tell.

The inspiration, sometimes liberation that comes from people discovering the right words to share their true experience with each other always is a moment of utter fascination for me and holds wonderful potential for new developments.  Supporting this process by carefully noticing what is said and what remains unsaid, at times playing it back to the individuals involved and allowing the struggle that sometimes is needed before the right words fall into place is one of the key elements of my work. As a founding member of Still Moving partnership, I have seen how Still Moving Leadership can access the well of energy, knowledge and spirit that is in those stories – if time and effort is devoted to listening and creating them. In my work with clients, my aspiration is to accompany them individually, as teams and organisations on their journey towards the words and stories that can help them connect on a very fundamental, human level and unleash the strength to move through difficult transitions. Clients say they feel safe in the conditions I create so that they feel able to connect to themselves and others more deeply than they would have thought possible; they say I keep them on the path to new realities gently but firmly; and offering them words and stories to test I open new spaces for understanding the patterns that lie underneath their experiences so that they can address the source of an issue.