I am a sculptor and a consultant. As a sculptor, I work mainly with stone, taking away to create space and noticing what needs to stay. Often born in response to some life question, my stones invite stillness and reflection. They explore where space and boundary meet each other.  

I work in the tradition of ancient stonemasons, using mainly hammer and chisel, attentive to the material, its touch and sound. Recently I have started using the chips that are often discarded as waste once the sculpture is done. I draw attention to these tiny pieces of what was once a mountain and before that a sea. What can we notice when we look closely? What is whole? This spirit of noticing and craftsmanship also guide my organizational work.

For over 20 years I have worked in and with international organizations, helping leaders and their teams navigate complex transitions. As a founding member of the Still Moving partnership, I help my clients to develop their capacity for conscious leadership: what is here now? why am I here now? why are we here now? Clients say I make space to help them be still, so they can reflect on what is, and what choices to make; they say I help them deepen their understanding of themselves and others, so they can build connections throughout the organisation and beyond; I work systemically, seeking to understand how a system produces its outcomes, so we can find levers that bring about change.