To transform your organisation, your team or yourself as a leader is one of the hardest things to do as you need to find a new purpose and a new identity. To achieve a transformation leaders have the complex task to combine the business challenges, change capabilities and their leadership effectiveness. 

I bring vast business experience as I have worked for two decades in senior finance positions and general management positions (FMC Technologies and Essent). This gives me the ability to step in the shoes of the client, understand the leadership dilemma's and support and deal with issues effectively.

I bring practical change experience as I led large transformations effectively for multinational organizations (Essent and RWE). I bring experience in leadership coaching to senior executives and building high performance leadership teams. In my consulting practice I generally work in large global companies seeking to foster cultures of co-operation, innovation and operational agility with the ultimate objective to improve results and become a high performance organisation.

I have authored High Performance 3.0 (2011) and High Performance, why do you chose to be average ? (2017). I have worked all around the globe for international organizations and lived in Belgium, the United States, Norway and Germany.  I bring in a global context and on-the-ground experience leading multinational teams. Currently I live in the Netherlands enjoying to spend time with my wife and three kids.