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approaching change

The Still Moving Map helps you navigate the change you are leading in an emergent way, balancing disturbance and stability, and with attention to both the being and doing of your leadership.

The Change Immersion Seminar is a one or two-day event that takes you and your team through the essentials of Still Moving leadership, offering you an opportunity to develop a shared language, explore your current orientation towards change, start practising the inner capacities and make a start with a plan for emergence.


assessing change vitality

We have developed an index that helps you assess your change leadership capacity. The results provide you with an insight into the factors that amplify and those that detract from your organisation’s change vitality, so that the highest points of leverage can be identified for targeted intervention and you get “the biggest bang for the buck”. The index takes stock of the quality of a leader’s inner state (inner capacities), the effectiveness of leader behaviour (external practices), the impact of your change approach and the ordering forces underpinning the cultural dynamics in your organisation.

Rigorously scientifically tested, the index is available at three different levels.

Personal Vitality Index – understanding your own change leadership capacity

Team Vitality Index – understanding your team’s change leadership capacity

Change Vitality Index – understanding your organisation’s change leadership capacity


What could the index reveal to you?


developing change leadership

In collaboration with you, we can tailor a program that helps you and your organisation’s leaders develop Still Moving Leadership. As a start, we outline two options, but of course we can work with you to co-create what is needed, and possibly focused specifically on the development areas highlighted by the Change Vitality Index.

Foundations of Still Moving Leadership – this short one module programme, typically 3-4 days, would take you through the essentials, offering you an opportunity for practising the inner capacities, exploring the change leadership practices and discovering new approaches to leading change. Typically we work in a combination of experiential work, theory and immediate application to your own situation, with an emphasis on skilful facilitation rather than teaching, as we believe Still Moving leadership is caught, not taught. Participants would leave this programme well equipped to apply Still Moving leadership to their daily practice.

Practising Still Moving Leadership – this multi module programme offers an opportunity to develop Still Moving leadership in practice. The modules touch on inner capacities, outer practices and change approaches, in a mix of experiential learning and theory as above. In between modules, a focused process of peer coaching, exploration of environments different to that of the own organisation, and a deepening practice of inner capacities, contributes to immediate immediate real-life shifts in the business that heighten the effectiveness of your change efforts, and develop lasting growth in your leaders.


Still Moving leadership Programmes 2018


practitioner development

We deeply believe that it matters to develop change practitioners, both those inside organisations and those consulting to organisation. Because well led change, while never easy, cán be more effortless. We have developed two programmes, both of which are available as in house options.

Facilitating Still Moving – this foundation & accreditation programme takes change practitioners through the essentials, offering you an opportunity for practicing the inner capacities, exploring the change leadership practices and relating new approaches to leading change to their own practice. Understanding and applying the Change Vitality Indexä  is part of the programme and graduates are accredited to use it with their clients.

Still Moving Consultation – This advanced programme for experienced leadership & change consultants takes you to the next level. It offers a chance to deepen your inner capacities and outer practices of Still Moving leadership, so you can consult to your clients from a different place of being. As always, the programme is a mix of experiential learning, application and theoretical input. Reflective application to your own consulting practice, collegial consultation and faculty supervision will be part of the development.  

Still Moving Practitioner development Programmes 2018


"The quality of the results produced in any system depends on the quality of awareness from which people in the system operate"

Otto Scharmer & Katrin Kaufer, Leading From The Emerging Future